Otto's Christmas Party

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Sketches by Alan Rand
Roots Rock Rebel
Gass Wild - Love Pirates
Android - Love Pirates
Brunch of the Living Dead
The Fisherman
Sami Yaffa - Mad Juana
Karmen Guy - Mad Juana
Sylvain Sylvain
Jonesy - F P Toz
Lani Ford - Stark
Lundo on Keyboard
Ryota Fujii

Alan Rand's Account of the Festivities
Yes, it was just another typical night at a Frank Wood show - the Christmas party at Otto's Shrunken Head. The current Thin Lizzy bass player, Randy Gregg, came to see his old band Love Pirates play. Hanoi Rocks' and Joan Jett Blackheart Sami Jaffa was filling in for him on bass. Blackheart lead guitarist Dougie Needles joined Love Pirates for their closing Christmas song. Pocket Monster, Roots Rock Rebel, Brunch Of The Living Dead and The Fisherman all turned in rousing sets. Mad Juana was the last band to play. After their final song, Sylvain Sylvain and Gass Wild and others joined them on stage for more great (and I mean great!) music. The night wasn't done yet. Jonesy from FP TOZ was on stage with his guitar for an unplugged nightcap. Beautiful songstress, bass player and radio/TV personality Lani Ford of Stark joined him to sing a Christmas song, while Lundo got up and surprised everyone with some mean and all-too-brief keyboard playing. Jonesy coaxed Sylvain to join him on Personality Crisis. Join he did as he Sylvain ran around playing and banging every instrument in the place. Bartender and big music fan Monica finished her early shift and stayed for the music. She was in heaven sitting at the same table across from some of her idols - Hanoi Rocker/Blackheart Sami Jaffa, Honey 1%er of Cycle Sluts from Hell and New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain. Yes, just another typical night at a Frank Wood show.

See Photos by Steve Pang